Forthcoming Tapestry Masterclass – 08.03.16

The Treasure…The Connected School and Community

8th March 2016

Glasgow Royal Concert Hall

In spite of decades of school improvement strategies, better teaching and learning and more effective leadership now evident in many Scottish schools, closing the gap between those children who achieve and those who don’t remains one of our most challenging issues.

The premise of this Masterclass is that our response must lie in establishing more connected schools and communities. It lies in accepting that a whole school based response is necessary, but no longer sufficient, if we are to get the best outcomes for the children we serve.

Designing local learning systems that are self-improving will require shifts in our thinking about school improvement, our practice of teaching and learning and our leadership. Most significantly it will require us to look at our approach to accountability and how we measure impact.

This work is primarily relational and invitational. It requires us to construct our response to these complex issues with other leaders, practitioners, families, communities and the young people themselves.

This Masterclass is designed around a series of ‘conversations’ which will model this approach. Participants will explore international practice in securing well-being and achievement for children and young people. They will engage in activity designed to build collective and connected approaches to closing gaps in outcomes and creative ways in which schools, families and communities are taking ownership of the issue. Finally, they will explore the power and potential of designing a local system underpinned by joint accountability for outcomes so that all who play a role within a local education system feel responsible for the outcomes for all the children and young people living there.  Throughout this Masterclass our collective aim will be to explore and to then start to build, a culture of connected moral purpose.

Download the Masterclass pdf: The Treasure…The Connected School and Community Pdf – 08.03.16

Download the word document application form here: The Treasure Application Form – Word Version


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