“The Silk Road makes me want to come to school”  young person participating in the programme in 2013

The Silk Road to Scotland is an interdisciplinary project focused on primary/secondary transition, created for Tapestry by Nigel Osborne.

This work makes a significant contribution to the development of Curriculum for Excellence and reflects several key features of national developments.

The project is:

intrinsically interdisciplinary, lending itself to including any curriculum area of interest to the school

pedagogically sophisticated, using constructivist approaches

international in outlook, helping to develop respect for the diverse cultures which comprise Scotland today

designed to help young people develop concepts and skills, and to foster creativity

focused on learners around the age of transition from primary to secondary education (i.e. P5-S1)

empowering, giving teachers wide discretion and stimulating their creativity.

The programme begins by introducing pupils and staff to the music and culture of countries such as China, Pakistan and India, using music to open up learning.  It goes on to encourage children and young people to learn more widely and more deeply, by making meaningful links to other areas of the curriculum, including maths, PE, creativity and citizenship.

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